Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems biomedicine

Celine Chevalier

I obtained my bachelor degree in Biology and Ecology in 2015. Due to my increasing interest in bioinformatics after the last year of my Bachelor, I did an internship where I worked on the analysis of genomic data. After the internship, continued my Master studies in Bioinformatics at the Paris Saclay University, France. During the summer between the first and the second year of my Master studies, I did another internship in a bioinformatics research laboratory, where I had to create a Boolean network. Currently, I am working on my master thesis at the JRC-Combine where I have to adapt an optimization procedure developed to train Boolean models.

Research Interests

Mathematical modeling of biological processes provides deep insights into complex cellular systems. While quantitative and continuous formalisms such as logic-based ordinary differential equations have been already implemented, their use get difficult in systems where the knowledge of parameters is scarce. At the same time, a wealth of molecular level qualitative data on individual components and interactions can be obtained from the experimental literature and high-throughput technologies, making qualitative approaches such as Boolean network modeling extremely useful.

It is this simplification of complex systems, such as biological systems, that attracted me on working with logic models. Nowadays, Boolean modelling is widely known, and many tools allow to use it. At the Saez-Rodriguez group, I am appointed to create a link between two tools CellNOptR and MaBoSS. That will help us obtain a Boolean time-scale model based on experimental data.

Professional career

March 2017-present Intern in Julio Saez-Rodriguez’s lab at the Joint Research Centre for Computational Biomedicine, Aachen, Germany
Summer 2016 Intern in the Informatics Research Laboratory (LRI, France) in the bioinformatics team
Summer 2015 Intern in biology research on maize quantitative genetics, at INRA, France


2016-Now Master’s degree in bioinformatics and biostatistics, Paris Saclay University, France
2015 Graduate of bachelor’s degree in biology and ecology, Paris Sud University