Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems biomedicine

Mi Yang, Pharm.D.

After a Pharmacy degree in France, I continued in the field of Systems biology in the ISSB at Genopole (French biopark). Then I moved to the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF for research in systems pharmacology and in silico liver toxicity. With the advent of next generation sequencing technologies, the new era of precision medicine will have impact on research (more interdisciplinary, increasing demand of bioinformatics), hospital (patient data, ethics of genomic data) and the industry (selection of patients, biomarkers, pathway..). My objective is to use exponential technologies to uncover the mysteries of life, disease and response to treatment in order to develop new therapies for cancer.

Research Interests

Due to the high cost of drug development and low response among cancer patients for approved drugs, it is clear that patient stratification, biomarker discovery and strong understanding of disease mechanism are key challenges of oncology. Better pharmacogenomics involves better drug response prediction but also better understanding of the causal mechanisms that link induced changes in molecular level events to emergent changes in phenotype at the organism level. Machine learning on drug treated cancer cell lines, polypharmacology, drug combination, the huge amount of biomedical data of open science, as well as a holistic approach are important points to consider, with the aim to accelerate drug development, improve diagnostic test and better use of already approved drugs (alone or in combination). Those are my current research interests.

Professional Career

2015-date PhD Candidate, JRC-COMBINE, Saez-Rodriguez Group
2015 Internship in the Hunt lab at UCSF (California, USA)
2014-2015 Master in Systems and Synthetic biology, Genopole (France)
2007-2014 Doctorate of Pharmacy, University of Paris-Saclay (France)