Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Panuwat Trairatphisan

After I obtained a Bachelor degree in Biomedical Sciences, I was driven by my passion in computer sciences and engineering to continue my research in the field of Systems Biology. During my doctoral study, I applied a logic modelling approach called “Probabilistic Boolean Network” to analyse how the molecules within the cells communicate to each other and how this process is deregulated in different type of diseases. The tool “optPBN” (Trairatphisan et al., PLoS One 2014) was applied to study the platelet-derived growth factor signalling in gastrointestinal stromal tumour (Trairatphisan et al., PLoS One 2016) and the deregulated L-plastin signalling in breast cancer cell lines (Lommel, Trairatphisan et al., FASEB 2015) which allows for the identification of important crosstalk interactions and of potential drug target for cancer cells’ invasion and metastasis, respectively.

In 2017, I joined the group of Julio Saez-Rodriguez at the JRC-COMBINE as a post-doctoral researcher to work on the European IMI-2 TransQST project. The TransQST consortium aims to apply a quantitative Systems Pharmacology approach to investigate the toxicity of therapeutic agents as well as to improve the understanding of the safety of medicine in multiple human organs.

Research Interests

One of the key goals for biomedical research is to decipher the principal mechanisms of regulation in cells up to the level of the whole organism. The investigation of mechanistic regulation can be performed by means of computational models which allow for detailed description of cellular and organismic systems as well as for predicting systems’ behaviour. My research interest is to bridge the understanding of cellular regulations using logic modelling approaches towards the investigation of drug efficiency and toxicity of the whole organism, with a special focus on drug-induced liver and kidney injuries. The applications of such computational models and analytical pipelines include drug target identification, drug repositioning, as well as personalised predictions of drug toxicity.

Professional Career

2017-Present Post-doctoral researcher at the JRC-COMBINE, Aachen, Germany
2015-2016 Research Associate in the Systems Biology group, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg


2011-2015 Ph.D. in (Systems) Biology, Life Sciences Research Unit, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (Dissertation: Studying Signal Transduction Networks with a Probabilistic Boolean Network Approach, Supervisor: Prof. T. Sauter)
2013 6-month internship as an intern modeller at Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Boston, MA, USA
2009-2011 Master in Integrated Systems Biology, University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2003-2009 Bachelor in Medical Sciences, Khon Kaen University, Khon Kaen, Thailand