Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Remi Trimbour

I started to study medicine in Strasbourg in 2017 before joining the MD-PhD program of the École Normale Supérieure and the University of Paris.

I completed in 2021 a master in systems biology and bioinformatics. My master thesis was on the personalisation of disease boolean models using mutational and single-cell RNA data at Curie Institute.

I then realised 2 additional internships, one on the use of multilayer networks to integrate and analyse multiomics data at the ENS of Paris, the second one on gene regulatory networks evaluation in Julio Saez-Rodriguez’s group.

I started my PhD in September co-supervised by Julio Saez-Rodriguez and Laura Cantini (Pasteur Institute, Paris), focusing on regulatory mechanisms inference at both intracellular and intercellular levels.

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in understanding and modelling the complex molecular interplays driving diseases and cellular conditions. I today focus on data-driven inference methods but remain very interested in the personalisation of existing knowledge-based networks.

Professional Career

2022-present PhD student at Cantini lab (Pasteur Institute) and Saez lab (Heidelberg University)
2022 Research Internship Saez lab (Heidelberg University)
2021 Research internship, Computational Systems Biology team (ENS of Paris)


2019-present MD-PhD Program of the ENS and the University of Paris
2019-2021 M.Sc. in Systems biology and Bioinformatics, ENS of Paris
2017-2019 DFGSM3 (Medical studies), University of Strasbourg, University of Paris