Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Chiara Schiller

In 2019, I received my BSc in Molecular Biomedicine in Bonn, Germany, and pursued my master studies in Molecular Biosciences in Heidelberg, Germany. During this time, I focused on computational biology in translational biomedical research. I explored the field of single-cell transcriptomics as well as various deconvolution methods of bulk RNA sequencing data. I interned and worked at the DKFZ Heidelberg and at ETH Zurich. In my master thesis with the Schapiro lab, I assessed different spatial neighborhood analysis methods using in silico generated tissue data.

In my PhD, my goal is to decipher the spatial architecture of liver tumors using highly multiplexed imaging.

I conduct my PhD with Dr. Denis Schapiro and am an associate member with Julio Saez-Rodriguez.

Research Interests

My research is driven by understanding biological mechanisms in diseases, especially by leveraging spatial biology. I am fascinated by the vast amount of machine learning algorithms that can help us to achieve this goal. Therefore, I enjoy exploring and developing suitable computational methodologies to detect structural and functional units in tissue. Here, I understand the uniqueness of diseases and aim towards linking observations to prior knowledge about biological mechanisms or patient information.

Professional Career

2023-present PhD candidate in the Schapiro group, Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Heidelberg University Hospital
2023 Master’s Thesis at the Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Schapiro group
2022 Research internship at the Department of Computer Science at ETH Zurich, Boeva group
2022 Research internship at Abbvie, Computational Neuroscience group
2021 Research Internship at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Froehling group
2020-2021 Student research assistant at the German Cancer Research Center Heidelberg, Scholl group


2020-2023 Molecular Biosciences, MSc., University Heidelberg
2017-2020 Molecular Biomedicine, BSc., University Bonn