Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Jan Lanzer

I have studied medicine at Heidelberg University and gained clinical experience during my medical clerckships at Charité Clinical Center in Berlin (gastroenterology), Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town (pulmonology), Egas-Moniz Hospital in Lisbon (neurosurgery), Hospital Clinica in Porto Alegre (surgery), Heart Center in Leipzig (cardiology) and at the University Hospital in Heidelberg (neurology).

In 2013/15 I worked as a research fellow in Dr. Manfred Boehm’s laboratory at the NIH in Bethesda, USA on my M.D. thesis entitled “CD73 Inhibits Vascular Inflammation During Vein Graft Remodeling”. Following graduation I joined Saez-Rodriguez’s as well as Schultz’s group at the Center for Psychosocial Medicine (head of deparment: Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Christoph Friederich), Heidelberg University Hospital,  to work on a modeling approach to heart failure as a part of the Informatics for Life consortium.


Research Interests

I am primarily interested in exploring the potential of computational methods to assist the process of clinical data analysis. While the complexity and inhomogeneity of clinical data often limits its evaluation, advanced statistical methods may be able to extract the most relevant information and reduce multidimensionality. Combining a patient’s molecular signature with his clinical profile in a modeling approach may further improve our understanding of the disease mechanisms and promote a more personalized health care.

Professional Career

2019-present: PhD in Clinical Data Science at Saez-Rodriguez’s group, Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Heidelberg University, Faculty of Medicine & Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany and at Schultz’s group, Department of General Internal Medicine and Psychosomatics, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany
2013-2015: MD in Cardiovascular Biology at Boehm’s group, National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health, USA


2010-2018: Study of Medicine at Heidelberg University
2016-2016: Study of Medicine at Coimbra University, Portugal