Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Leonie Küchenhoff

In 2016, I started with my Bachelor studies in Molecular Medicine in Freiburg, Germany. In my Bachelor thesis, I got first insights into computational work within biomedical research. I decided to pursue this area of research further by studying Systems Biology at Heidelberg University. Through the program and several research internships, I explored multiple research areas from scDNA methylation analysis to clustering algorithm development. Finally, I completed my master thesis at EMBL, Heidelberg, where I assessed on- and off-target effects of CRISPR base editing.

In my PhD project, I aim to integrate multi-omics data from several organs of fibrosis patients to identify shared mechanisms of fibrosis across organs as potential therapeutic targets.

Research Interests

I am fascinated by the speed at which new knowledge and data is produced in the field of biomedical research. I want to leverage already existing information and datasets and combine them with newly acquired data to disentangle the complex and vast world of biomedicine. I aim to gain a better functional understanding of diseases by focusing on the bigger picture through the use of high-throughput multi-omics technologies. More specifically, my research focuses on the meta-analysis of fibrotic diseases across multiple organ systems.

Professional Career

2023-present PhD candidate, Institute for Computational Biomedicine, Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany
2022-2023 Master thesis in Steinmetz group at EMBL (Heidelberg, Germany)
2021-2022 Research internships at the German Cancer Research Center (Heidelberg, Germany), Bioquant Institute (Heidelberg, Germany), and Institut Pasteur (Paris, France)


2020-2023 M.Sc. Molecular Biosciences (Major: Systems Biology), Heidelberg University, Germany
2016-2019 B.Sc. Molecular Medicine, University of Freiburg, Germany