Saez-Rodriguez Group

Systems Biomedicine

Victor Paton-Gonzalez

In 2017, I started my Bachelor studies in Biotechnology at the Technical University of Madrid, Spain. For my bachelor’s thesis, I worked in implementing machine learning methods to help guide medical treatments for colorectal cancer patients. In 2021, I moved to Heidelberg to pursue a Master’s degree in Systems Biology. As part of the programme, I did a first internship here, at the Saezlab, assessing the impact of transcriptomics analysis pipelines in the functional space, and a second internship at EMBL, where I analysed TF activity across bone marrow cell development. For my master’s thesis, I came back to the Saezlab to work in developing evaluation strategies for network contextualization methods.

Research Interests

In my past research experiences, I have mainly worked in omics data analysis, either via statistical models or via network contextualisation. I am particularly interested in using these data to help unravel biological mechanisms in order to explain patient outcomes or cell development, for example. The gap between biology and other STEM disciplines (maths, physics, informatics) is where I see myself in for my future career.

Professional Career

2023-2024 Master Thesis at Saezlab, University Hospital Heidelberg
2023 Internship at Zaugg Group, EMBL
2022-2023 Research assistant at Klingm├╝ller group, DKFZ
2022-2023 Internship at Saezlab, Universiy Hospital Heidelberg
2022 Research assistant at Schulze group, DKFZ


2021-2024 MSc Molecular Biosciences, major Systems Biology, University of Heidelberg
2017-2021 BSc Biotecnology, major Computational Biology, Technical University of Madrid